Current Drug Trends

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  • June 22, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Current Drug Trends

The goal of this tuition-free, 8-hour Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training course is to present an in-depth look at the identification of various controlled and non-controlled substances and their associated paraphernalia that sworn law enforcement officers will likely encounter in their duties.  Students will gain an understanding of current and emerging drugs: terminology, appearance, paraphernalia, methods of ingestion, physiological and psychological effects, cultivation and/or production and concealment methods. This course will also include the conversion of commonly found legal substances to achieve or mimic drug effects.  Students will learn how to visually identify various controlled and non-controlled substances and related paraphernalia; understand the processes of cultivation and/or production of various controlled and non-controlled substances; develop an understanding and recognition of how legal substances can be abused to achieve an intoxication; understand the methods of ingestion of various controlled and non-controlled substances; possible medicinal and/or cultural uses, weights and diluents, associate slang terms used for various controlled and non-controlled substances with their proper names; and identify various methods to conceal substances.


Course topics include:
·         Drug Scheduling and Classification ·         Narcotics
·         Cannabis, Stimulants ·         Designer Drugs
·         Stimulants ·         Anabolic Steroids
·         Depressants ·         Non-controlled Substances
·         Hallucinogens ·         Clandestine Laboratories
·         Unique Drug Submissions ·         How Drugs Interact with the Body
·         Factors Leading to Opiates ·         Heroin and Adulterated Heroin
·         Diverted Opioids and Opiates ·         Other Trending Drugs of Concern
June 22, 2018

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Hosted by the:

Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa



Tuition Free thru MCTFT!

Training provided by the Florida National Guard Counterdrug Training Program

Instructor Duane Tompkins retired as a Lieutenant from the Enfield Connecticut Police Department, where he commanded the Detective Division.  Mr. Tompkins’ law enforcement career began in 1987.  He has held various assignments and positions during his law enforcement career, including rank of Lieutenant, accreditation manager, and Patrol Supervisor.  He was selected by the Chief of Police and assigned to the Statewide Narcotics Task Force for eighteen months.  During that time, he conducted various short and long-term narcotics and trafficking-related investigations, closure of clubs through nuisance abatement, and was involved in the planning, briefing, and execution of numerous search warrants.  Prior to his assignment with Statewide Narcotics, Mr. Tompkins was assigned as a Detective to the department’s narcotics investigation unit.  Mr. Tompkins has also served as Field Training Officer and community policing officer.  Mr. Tomkins is also a former Vice President and currently serves as Secretary of the Connecticut Narcotic Enforcement Officers’ Association.  Mr. Tompkins has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England College, has completed the Drug Enforcement Administration Narcotics Officer’s Course, been a certified EMT for twenty-seven years and is a certified law enforcement trainer in various states.

 There is a $10.00 class fee payable to LEAT that covers snacks and coffee

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