Havoc Shooting Solutions MOTOR-TAC

Event Phone: 205-759-3000

  • May 13, 2019 - May 14, 2019
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Course by: HAVOC Shooting Solutions LLC

Hosted by: Law Enforcement Academy of Tuscaloosa

Hosted at: Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Range – 22794 P and M Mining Rd, Berry, AL, 35546

When: May 13th, 2019 at 8am to May 14th, 2019 at 4pm


Topics covered:

·       Motor gear acclimatization to dynamic environments

·       Mounted firing

·       Dismounted firing

·       Movement to cover

·       Positional shooting

·       Malfunctions

·       Weapons manipulations

·       Low Light

·       Traffic Stops

·       Injuries

Required Equipment:

·       Department or Personal Motor that is fitted with Crash Bars

·       Motor Helmet – To include radio comm. gear to hook up to bike; Bluetooth users bring what you have

·       Full Uniform, Riding Boots/Gloves

·       Equipment used for everyday patrol, ticket book, radar gun etc. (as assigned), pen and paper

·       Duty Gear – To include but not limited to: Duty Weapon, Leather Gear, Handcuffs

·       Minimum of 3 magazines

·       Weapon mounted light and handheld light

·       Ballistic Vest, Rain/Cold Weather Gear, Sunglasses, Clear lens glasses for low light

·       Ear pro that can be worn with your Motor Helmet on

MOTORTAC is a tactical problem-solving class for motorcycle officers. Through positional techniques, weapons manipulations and unconventional cover the class will give Motor Officers a new way to utilize their motorcycles in a high threat environment. The class will also cover injured shooter scenarios covering both wounds from firearms and typical injuries involved in motorcycle wrecks. This is a tactical firearms class for fighting on and from motorcycles.

There will be some low light work done with the motors.

Additional equipment that may be needed:

  • Knee/Elbow Pads
  • replacement springs for kickstands
  • tubing and zip ties to wrap around crash bars-user discretion
  • any tools the operator feels they need for their motor
  • We will not have any spare parts for you to use. So be sure and bring whatever you may need.


MINIMUM of 1000 rds of handgun ammunition.  MORE is always better!

COST OF THE CLASS IS $25 for LEOs! Contact Bob White @ 205-242-9939 or havocshooting@gmail.com

This class is being held at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Training Facility.  This means bunks are free and open on a first come first serve basis.  You may park your bikes at the range, as it is a secured facility.

Students will receive a certificate for the class


Venue Phone: 205-759-3000

22794 P&M Mining Road, Berry, Alabama, 35546, United States