School Violence, Causes and Triggers by Phil Chalmers

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  • July 18, 2018
    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Venue:  The Tuscaloosa River Market 1900 Jack Warner Pkwy, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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Time:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Sponsor: Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office, Tuscaloosa Police Department, Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Northport Police Department, and the University of Alabama Police Department.

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This seminar is classroom based and jammed with media, including crime scene photos, original videos, active shooter videos, and information known only to the killers themselves. This seminar is fast-moving and will cover over 30 juvenile homicide cases, including school shootings, family murders, mall shootings, cult killings, media-inspired killings, gang killings, and thrill killings. This course will teach attendees the top ten reasons juveniles kill, the six types of teen killers, the warning signs that were missed, and ways we can keep our schools and communities safe. Phil will take attendees back in time, exploring the history of juvenile homicide, which dates back to 1786, and will discuss the first acts of school violence, which began as early as 1944 and 1956. Phil will also give attendees a dose of youth culture, familiarizing attendees with today’s teen entertainment, including video games, music, and movies. Phil provides a side of teen murder that nobody else can really provide, and that is a description of the crimes from the killers themselves, whom Phil has spent over 30 years interacting and building a relationship with. He provides answers to questions everyone is asking, like “Why did they kill?” “Were there any warnings signs?” and “Could the victim’s have done something different and survived?” Phil also warns that he will take attendees “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,” which is a very dark and disturbing place, and some may find the content of this seminar troubling, offensive, and disturbing.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Law enforcement in all areas, School Resource Officers, Prosecutors, DARE Officers, Detectives, Homicide Investigators, Sheriffs, Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers, Police Chiefs, Military Officers, Corrections Officers, School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, School Superintendents, Youth Workers, Judges, Probation Officers, and Youth Counselors.

COURSE OVERVIEW This course is classroom based using multimedia to review hundreds of juvenile homicides and juvenile mass murders. This course will teach attendees what warning signs to be looking for, and what causes teens to carry out these shocking and senseless murders. Attendees will review crime scene photos, hear from investigators, and discover what went right in these cases, and what went wrong. Phil will also educate the attendees on the history of teen murder, the six types of teen killers, and what makes this new wave of killer tick, which was warned about long ago by the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover. You will not only hear from investigators and detectives, but from the killers themselves- why they did what they did, and how they felt about detectives and investigators. Attendees will also get a look at today’s youth culture, including the latest teen entertainment and teen trends, social media and teen culture. This course is classroom based, and attendees can download a workbook to use to reference and review after the class.


1. Attendees will learn why today’s teens are killing at such a young age and in such a violent fashion, and how we can stop them.

2. Attendees will learn what warning signs they should be looking for, and what causes teens to commit homicide.

3. Attendees will get a quick dose of youth culture, from video games to music, movies to television, and the latest teen social media websites

4. Attendees will hear inside details from numerous homicides committed by juveniles, and learn details known only to investigators. The goal is to cover numerous cases so attendees can see a pattern and recognize that pattern in their own community or schools

Who is Phil Chalmers? Phil Chalmers, America’s leading authority on juvenile homicide and juvenile mass murder, has interviewed over 200 teen killers and school shooters, and has been studying youth culture and teen murder for 30 years. Phil is the author of numerous books and documentaries including his latest two book releases, “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer” and “True Lies” Instead of learning about these crimes from textbooks or libraries, Chalmers speaks to the killers themselves, and has interacted with teen killers, serial killers, school shooters, mass murderers, and sexual predators, including Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Pearl shooter Luke Woodham, Paducah shooter Michael Carneal, Jonesboro shooter Mitchell Johnson, and Moses Lake shooter Barry Loukaitis. Phil has appeared on the TV shows, “KILLER TEENS” and “KILLER KIDS”. Phil also performs school assemblies nationwide, and addresses tough topics like bullying, crime prevention, suicide, substance abuse, Internet safety, and more. Phil’s work has been featured on Montel Williams and Howard Stern. Phil can be seen on the E! Network shows “Billionaire Crime Scenes” and “Too Young To Kill “and SPIKE TV’s “Don’t be a Victim.” He has appeared on numerous media outlets, and has interacted with numerous media personalities, including the Insane Clown Posse, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Jessica Simpson, Metallica, Two Live Crew, and many more. Phil is a youth advocate, and is a positive voice for today’s young people. Phil feels we are exploiting this generation for profit, and he has decided to do something about it. His school assemblies and teen violence training is captivating his audiences, many saying it’s the best training they have ever received in their long careers. Phil is married to Wendi, a teacher and former principal in Missouri. Phil lives in Northeast Ohio, and assists Sheriff Lucas and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office. His hobbies include auto racing, customized cars, collecting antique beer cans, weightlifting and the UFC.



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