APOSTC Firearms Instructor Development Course

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  • October 5, 2021 - October 6, 2021
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This course is designed to improve a firearm instructor’s
ability to develop a shooter’s marksmanship potential.
While many concepts can be carried over to other
weapon systems, this course focuses on the duty pistol.
Course topics include:
– How the brain learns and develops skills
– Practice methods that maximize performance
– Applying Performance Science to firearms training
– Coaching techniques and strategies
– Developing hand dexterity and vision skills
– A principle-based approach to marksmanship
– A shooter-friendly framework for marksmanship
– Effective dry practice principles
– Diagnosing and prioritizing marksmanship errors
– A new brain-based approach to target analysis
FDIC 1 – Coaching & Marksmanship
All students must be either FBI, NRA,
or FLETC Certified Firearms Instructors
– NOTE: Students may want to pack food for lunch
on-site each day. Some facilities are not near Restaurants
– Duty Gear
– Duty Holster & Magazine Pouches. NO floppy unsecured holsters.
– Duty Pistol with four (4) magazines (minimum)
– 500 pistol rounds
– Binoculars
– Slow-motion video app on Smart phone
– Eye Protection
– Hearing Protection
– Cap with bill
– Sunscreen, Drinks, Snacks, etc
All students must be either FBI,
NRA, or FLETC Certified
Firearms Instructors


Venue Phone: 205-759-3000

22794 P&M Mining Road, Berry, Alabama, 35546, United States