Basic/Advanced Forensic Photography by Forensic Pieces

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  • August 25, 2021 - August 27, 2021
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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$595.00 per student


The first three days of this course will be devoted to basic crime scene photography, followed by an advanced section for the last two days. This course is specifically designed for anyone who is tasked with the responsibility of having to document crime scenes, autopsy or body injuries, or evidentiary items within a controlled laboratory setting.  Crime scene investigators, detectives, medical examiner and coroner investigators, or anyone in which taking good photographs for court purposes is an integral part of what you do, should most definitely attend this course. You must master the camera which is a vital piece of your equipment. This class will cover the triad of exposure with the modern digital cameras, image composition, and managing the images you obtain, basically the start to finish of your critical documentation achieved by forensic photography. Examination photography of evidence, impression photography, flash photography, night and low light photography, as well as situations with Blue star and Luminal for bloodstain documentation will be covered in addition to much more. The course will be taught from the standpoint of you have simply been handed a new point and shoot digital camera and told to go to your job with either no training or minimal instructions. Regardless of your skill level, your images will improve with this training



  • Exposure basics
  • Metering
  • Lens and focal length
  • Basic principles of forensic Composition
  • Low light and night-time photography
  • Location and evidence composition
  • Flash photography
  • Low Light Photography
  • Flash and crime scene composition
  • Photographing people
  • Autopsy photography
  • Basic principles of macro photography
  • Alternate light source photography



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