Centrifuge Training – Ballistic Shield Instructor/LEO/MIL Only

Event Phone: 205-248-4860

  • May 22, 2023 - May 25, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ballistic Shield Instructor (BSI) is a complete instructor program that provides the
knowledge and skills necessary for LE / MIL / GOV Instructors to develop, implement, and
maintain a successful ballistic shield program within their agency.
This accelerated course will merge shooting, tactics, and shield applications, to challenge
the legacy approach to ballistic shield training. Students will begin in the classroom setting
where we will analyze data, trends, tactics, and human behavior specific to ballistic shield
use. This sets the context and intent for what and why we train.
On the flat range, students will conduct various live-fire exercises that will focus on the
mechanics of running the handgun while problem solving behind the ballistic shield.
Mechanics such as: one-handed shooting, framing, reloads and malfunctions, positional
work, movement, light use, etc. Students will ultimately safely and effectively perform live fire exercises in low-light while moving and shooting with a partner as a team.
On days 2-3, students will learn how to work the ballistic shield in-conjunction with their
environment. Students will perform a series of live-fire and NLTA drills and scenarios – both
in and around vehicles and structures, and in both day-light and low-light lighting
conditions. Students will gain an understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of the
ballistic shield in those environments, while also learning to develop their own drills and
scenarios that best fit the training needs of their respective agencies.
On the final day of BSI, students will validate what has been learned through a series of
force-on-force drills and scenarios. To conclude this instructor level course, students will
also be tested on their individual performance behind the shield, their ability to instruct
others in practical exercises, as well as pass a written examination and shooting
Students must come prepared mentally and physically
• Ballistic Shield (Training shields can be provided upon request)
• Duty Handgun with a minimum of 3 magazines
• Duty Carbine with a minimum of 3 magazines
• 800 rounds of Handgun ammunition
• 200 rounds of Carbine ammunition
• NLTA Handgun / Carbine – Conversions (UTM, Simunitions, 17T, etc.)
• 500 rounds of NLTA Handgun ammunition
• 100 rounds of NLTA Carbine ammunition
• Duty Belt / Duty Rig w/ sturdy holster (Cross-draw and Blackhawk Serpa Prohibited)
• Ballistic Vest / Plate Carrier (it is recommended to train in the attire you work in)
• Lighting Systems – Handheld light, Weapon light, Headlamp, Shield lighting, etc.
• Spare batteries for lighting systems
• 4 glow sticks / chem lights or 2 electronic marker lights
• Ear and eye protection (clear eye protection for low light)
• Range appropriate clothing suitable for strenuous activity and inclement weather
• Food and Beverage
• Note taking material or mobile device
• Protective gear for NLTA/SIM training – Helmet / Mask, gloves, etc.


2201 New Watermelon Road, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35406, United States