Forensic Pieces Crime Scene Investigations

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  • December 2, 2019 - December 6, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hosted by the APOSTC Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa December 2-6

There is a $5.00 admin fee payable to the APOSTC Law Enforcement Academt Tuscaloosa.

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The number one reason why most crime scene investigations are unsuccessful is because there was inadequate crime scene processing and analysis. Working a crime scene, whether major or minor, is a process that involves a wide range of skills. This 5-day course was developed as a refresher workshop for crime scene investigators, or for the new officer with limited exposure and experience in crime scene processing. The detection, collection, documentation, and preservation of physical evidence are key elements involved in every crime scene. This course will demonstrate and elaborate on techniques that may or may not have been acquired in the field and will assist in developing new techniques in crime scene examinations. Forensic science is forever changing and improving, and new techniques and equipment are constantly being developed to assist the law enforcement officer with the challenges of the “every scene, every time” concept.


  • Equipment and safety
  • Crime scene management
  • Documentation: photography, note taking, searching, sketching, measurements
  • Physical evidence packaging
  • Evidence detection,
  • Documentation, collection preservation of firearms, biological evidence, microscopic trace, latent print, footwear and tire track impression, tool mark and bite mark impression
  • Bloodstain pattern: Terms and documentation
  • Bluestar forensics blood
  • detection
  • Report writing
  • Courtroom presentationsWHAT TO BRING TO CLASS:Very casual attire and a digital camera with macro capabilities are preferred.  A laptop computer for your tasks is also recommended.


    This is a hands-on course that is specifically designed for crime scene officers with or without experience. This course is taught in a manner in which the crime scene officer can easily understand.


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