Presscheck Consulting No Fail Pistol Course

Event Phone: 205-248-4860

  • April 9, 2022 - April 10, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact Sgt Tim Guy for registration questions,
Tuscaloosa Police Department Firing RANGE

The Presscheck No-Fail Pistol Course (2 Days) is designed to equip patrol and tactical officers with the skills to make high risk / high reward pistol shots in critical situations.

This 18 hour course stresses the importance of being able to place accurate hits on small, moving, and limited exposure critical areas of the human body to instantly cease all motor function or cause rapid unconsciousness, usually resulting in death.

General refresher on the basic fundamentals of gun handling and marksmanship (Come to this course knowing how to shoot. This is an intermediate to advanced level shooting course.)

Zeroing/confirming zero on all optics and lasers (and iron sights if needed)

Analysis of individual shooting techniques of students/officers by the trainer to receive personal feedback on ways to improve accuracy and speed

Engagement of low-percentage targets (small strike area often obscured with a hostage or other no-shoot area)

Shooting multiple targets

Shooting on the move (if class progression allows)

Competitive shooting drills around your peers to build esprit de corps and create self-induced stress to perform

The student will understand the importance of critical hits and the consequences of a miss, and will be able to diagnose if they are capable of achieving hits at any given moment based upon pre-shot diagnostics of their sights in real-time.

This course will enable students to continue developing and maintaining these skills through the use of clear, repeatable standards.

The students should leave the course with a firm understanding of their personal capability to make low-percentage “No-Fail” shots.

Note: Students are individually responsible for receiving approval PRIOR to paying for enrollment on government ranges. No refunds will be authorized for failing to confirm these vetting procedures.


2201 New Watermelon Road, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35406, United States