RCTA Proactive Criminal Patrol

Event Phone: 205-759-3000

  • September 10, 2019 - September 12, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Training to be held at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office training facility. Free on site lodging offered.

Course Description:

This course concentrates on improving the officer’s conversational and observational skills to facilitate the development of reasonable suspicion/probable cause. Through these learned techniques the patrol officer will detect and apprehend traveling criminals. The student will be taught how to identify and locate manual, electronic, and hydraulically controlled aftermarket compartments in motor vehicles that are widely used today by drug trafficking, terrorists and transnational criminal organizations (TOC).

Course Objectives:

·        Starting a criminal patrol program

·        Ethical approach to interdiction

·        Other crimes discovered during traffic stops

·        Officer safety issues

·        Observations prior to lawful traffic stop

·        Indicators and Items of Interest

·        Domestic Highway Enforcement Strategy

·        El Paso Intelligence Center Resources

·        National Seizure System

·        Currency detention

·        Report writing

·        Testifying in court

·        Roadside Interview (verbal/non-verbal behavior)

·        Vehicle contraband concealment

·        Commercial Motor Vehicle

·        Vehicle assessment

·        Documents

·        Driver/occupant assessment

·        Load Concealment

·        Vehicle Concealment

Have any questions please call SSgt Harvey 601-696-8847 or email him at krys@rcta.org


Venue Phone: 205-759-3000

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