SSGT Vanguard Level One

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  • November 27, 2023 - December 1, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

SSGT Vanguard Level One Objectives

Vanguard Level One 40-hour Instructor Course Objectives
Prerequisite – Must be a Certified Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military Police or Security Officer to attend this course.

By the end of this course, a certified SSGT Vanguard Level One Instructor will be qualified to:

  1. Teach officers about the objectively reasonable use of force, the effects and mitigation of survival stress and the principles of defensive tactics.
  2. Teach officers to defend against common grabs, holds, strikes and attacks on the officer’s weapon in standing situations.
  3. Teach officers to defend against common grabs, holds, strikes and attacks on the officer’s weapon when the struggle is on the ground.
  4. Teach officers how to gain control and compliance over an actively aggressive subject in both standing and ground grappling situations.
  5. Teach officers to defend against a knife or other sharp instrument attack.
  6. Instill self-confidence in the officer’s ability to defend him/herself against an attack.
  7. Certify officers in the SSGT Vanguard Level One Twenty-four- (24-) hour student course.
The preceding objectives will reduce the possibility of a Certified Student or Instructor using excessive force in controlling a subject, thus reducing liability.

Vanguard Level One Breakdown

Level One 40-hour Instructor Course Breakdown. The SSGT Vanguard Level One Instructor and Student Courses are broken down into seven (7) Categories as follows:
  1. Common Grab Defense – against wrist grabs, throat grabs, hair grabs and lapel grabs in a standing position.
  2. Headlock Defense – against a rear headlock, front headlock and side head-locks both standing & on the ground.
  3. Bear-hug Defense – against front over and under the arms and rear over and under the arms.
  4. Tackle Defense – against double leg and single leg tackles.
  5. Striking & Knife Defense – against various strikes and cutting instruments.
  6. Escaping From The Bottom (ground) – escapes from the mounted position and side positions.
  7. Controlling A Grounded Subject From The Top – various controlling techniques designed to enable the officer to place the subject into a position for handcuffing.

Vanguard Level One Certification Facts:

  • No previous training required.
  • Written and Practical Exams are administered in both the Instructor and Student Courses.
  • Instructors may certify Students in one or all categories of a particular level.
  • Student Certification time can range from 1-24 hours depending on categories addressed.
  • Student Certification is valid for one year. Re-certification time is 1/2 the original time.
  • Instructor Certification is valid for three years, provided the officer teaches 8 hours per year.
  • SSGT Vanguard Level One Student Manuals are available for purchase.


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