Understanding Violent Body Gestures

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  • May 11, 2020 - May 12, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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The rationale behind creating this course was based on the need of all
enforcement personnel to be able to better understand the body signs
associated with pending violence, deception, and concealment. This
course will address not only the gestures of the offender but the gestures
of the officer in the de-escalation of conflict and information gathering
interaction. The student will be encouraged to participate in classroom
discussion about the relationship between the validly of the words spoken
and the body signs displayed. The students will also participate in
numerous classroom scenario based training exercises as examples of
both street and interview situations.
Aggressive Body Signs
Concealment Behavior
Protective Placement
Stress Explosion
Interview Momentum
Identifying Eye Movements
Critical Distance
Shifting Signs
What Words Don’t Reveal
Master Instructor Robert Rail
Robert s recognized internationally as one of the foremost tactical terrorism experts
on impending violence detection, deception, and contraband concealment. He is a
state, federal, and internationally certified instructor. He has taught his highly motivational
and entertaining “The Unspoken Dialogue” techniques and methods to
people from more than 60 countries.
As an instructor to the United Nations International Police Task Force, IPTF, in
Bosnia and Kosovo and internationally certified with the United States Department
of Justice, he was responsible for designing curriculums and instructing elite police
officers from nations who were deployed throughout the conflict areas of our world.
Bob is retired 24 year veteran police officer and is a frequent contributor to television
and radio programs, and periodicals. He conducts both training and consulting
services for universities and corporations worldwide, and has authored five
books: The Unspoken Dialogue (varropress.com); Defense without Damage
(Diane Publishing); Custodial Cuffing & Restraint (varropress.com);
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May 11th and 12th 2020 – 0800 – 1700

16hrs POST credit


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