Use of Force from the Street to the Courtroom

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  • September 10, 2021
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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The use of force is and has always been a controversial subject not only for the public but for police officers as well. There are many officers that don’t understand when and where they can use force and be within department guidelines as well as federal and state laws. Unfortunately, officers will use some type of force at some point in their careers, but will then find it difficult to articulate exactly what occurred during the incident. The officer’s agency may be subject to a civil lawsuit, and the officer could be subject to criminal charges.

This course was designed to answer some of those questions that are missing from most force reports. The officers attending this course will have a much fuller understanding of how to explain the conditions surrounding the use of force and will learn valuable courtroom testimony skills that will assist them to be a better witness in court. This is not a lecture-only course, but rather a scenario-based video dialogue course involving the dynamics and clarification of the use of force. There will also be information presented on internal affairs and officer-involved shootings.  This course is a patrol ready course that you can immediately benefit you when thinking about articulating your next use of force encounter. This is not a report writing course where we write any type of use of force reports, but rather an interactive program that affords you a new profound understanding into use of force documentation. We discuss the current problems in law enforcement that lead to hesitation by officers in the field. This course has been taught at conferences and continues to be highly reviewed by the people that attend. This training is recommended not only for patrol officers but supervisors and command staff. We suggest reserving your spot today because this course will fill up fast!

The course covered content:

Reasonable Force vs Excessive Force
Court case review
Details missing in most reports
Types of resistance
Levels of officer control
Responses by officers both mentally and physically
Group discussion and scenario-based class participation
Common terms used in reports
How to document use of force
Suggestions for officer-involved
Hollywood v. Reality
Courtroom testimony


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