Project FREEDOM: Opioid Hazard and Safety Training

Event Phone: 205-759-3000

  • June 13, 2024
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

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This class is being held on June 13, 2024, and June 20, 2024.  The times for both dates are 0900-1100.


The Opioid Hazard and Safety Training Course is a 2 Credit Hour Course designed for all First Responders. This course includes a review of the current safety guides of supporting individuals that have experienced an overdose, instructions on administering the 4mg Narcan Nasal Spray, and a review of current drug trends throughout Alabama. This course will also include a discussion on working with individuals who experience a substance use disorder and how to reduce compassion fatigue for first responders who work with them. Resources and referral methods will be included.



After attending the course participants will:

  • Familiarize participants with statistical data regarding the opioid epidemic, background information on opioids, and Opioid Use Disorder
  • Be able to recognize an opioid overdose and how to administer Narcan when an opioid overdose is suspected
  • Be familiar with Alabama’s Good Samaritan Law
  • Understand the risks of Fentanyl exposure and control measures for first responders
  • Be familiar with signs, symptoms and treatment if exposure occurs; and techniques for decontamination and clean-up
  • Identify signs, symptoms, and triggers for secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout. Describe individualized self-care and resiliency strategies to mitigate the damaging impacts of trauma and associated stress responses.


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7601 Robert Cardinal Rd,, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35401, United States